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amazing t-shirt store themes


PIKISTORE places a high importance on making sure your site looks amazing. We supply you with a large array of templates, but it doesn't stop there. Each template can be customized with your own colors and images. Then, for the developer, we expose the css and html, so with a little tweaking you can do anything. Change the position of the menu, add new elements, its up to you. Our theme customization is something to be seen, to be believed.

PIKISTORE has created the first ever real time color editing of your website. You can change any color within the site, which includes colors within images, whilst looking at your site, even change the fonts used within images!

It will blow you away at how easy and powerful our theme management is.

amazing t-shirt store themes


PIKISTORE takes care of the payment gateways. All the transactions go through pikistore.com. To receive your commissions, all you have to do is have a Paypal account. You will be paid monthly, or for a small transaction fee, you can withdraw your amount owing, at any time.

Your administration dashboard will keep you up to date on how your sales are going through your website. You will also receive a small commission for any sale made from a site that has been created through your site (through the 'create your own site' link at the bottom of your site)

amazing t-shirt store themes


Sell your own designs. Your store has the ability for customers to design their own products, but you can also add your designs to the merchandise, and sell designs. In fact you have the ability to turn off the designer altogether, and simply sell products.

Now that is powerful.

Manage each custom product individually, and set its own title with description, then add your mark up! Set a product to be a featured item, and also have a popular items section on your homepage, if you wish!

amazing t-shirt store themes


Looking to expand your store into a complete website? Pikistore allows you to do this.

Manage content on all the pages; even add your own pages. Each page has a WYSIWYG editor so you can add your own text, images, links, flash and more. Even view and edit the HTML directly. Control the aspects of your dynamic pages by easily turning elements of pages on or off. For example, on your home page, you can configure the products that will display, the number, you can change the titles of elements in the left hand menu, or disable it altogether.

We have worked hard on the flexibility of a store created in Pikistore. You can design and control it how you want, limitations are pointless.

amazing t-shirt store themes


PIKISTORE, being a complete solution, pulls out all stops in making sure you, as the customer, are happy. You get your hands on all the valuable data converted into statistics.

Analyse everything. From visitors coming to your store, how they got there, at what time, and which country.

Analyse your best selling items, in what color and size, then see how your growth is going. PIKISTORE lets you be in control of your store future by giving you access to the data that matters.


No need to pay for a premium account, to get access to map your site to your own domain name, our administration lets you do this all online and free!

amazing t-shirt store themes


Your store can have an online designer that allows your customers to design their own products. The customers can upload their own image(s), add their own text, move, place and resize how they want their design to look, then buy it!

You, as the store owner, can upload a gallery of designs for the customer to use, or give access to the 1000s of stock designs PIKISTORE delivers for use. Again, your store is that powerful. You can turn off access to the designer if you wish (this is done through page management)